Affordable Temporary Heater Hire For Events

If the weather were more reliable in the UK, there would be no need for temporary heater hire for events. But it’s not. It’s often unnervingly unreliable at all points of the year, which is problematic when you’re in the process of planning an event, particularly if part or all of the event will be held outdoors. You can roll the dice and hope for the best, but if you want to have all bases covered, hiring temporary heaters for the event is a wise decision that will give you peace of mind. And there’s no company with more experience in temporary heating solutions for events than Thermaright.

One Less Thing to Worry About When Planning Your Event

We have worked with enough event planners and private individuals in the process of planning an important event to know that it can be extremely stressful. Logistically there’s a lot to do, and there’s a lot of important decisions to be made. We aim to make your life that bit easier by effectively taking care of one of these decisions for you. We know exactly what types of heaters work for which types of events and settings, and can provide them to you and set them up so you have no surprises on your big day.

Failing to ensure you have the correct heating solution in place for your event can make what should be a great day, one to forget. Shuffling around for hours on end in a marquee or venue that is inadequately heated is miserable and will probably be THE thing that your guests remember about the day. Don’t let that happen. Allow Thermaright to make it a memorable day for all the right reasons.

There are Numerous Reasons to Choose Thermaright for Temporary Heater Hire for Events.

Not all temporary heating solutions will be suitable for your event. Every single venue is different, and there are various factors that need to be considered. It’s a decision that can have a huge impact on the success of the event, and as such, you don’t want to entrust these arrangements to a novice. Here are a number of reasons why many people rely on Thermaright:

Unparalleled Experience – We’ve been there, done that and got the t-shirt when it comes to arranging heating solutions for events. With over 30 years of experience, simply put, we know what works and what doesn’t, and we leverage all of that experience to formulate a plan to make your event a comfortable experience.

First-Class Service – Our role is to alleviate the pressure on you and free up your time and mind to be able to focus on other aspects of planning your event. When you work with Thermaright, you can rest easy knowing that the heating arrangements will be taken care of.

Adapted to Your Needs – When you’ve been doing this for as long as we have, you learn that no two events are exactly the same, and that the type of heating and how it’s arranged needs to be adapted to the specific venue and needs to of the event you have planned. And that’s exactly what we pride ourselves on!

Make Your Event Memorable

For temporary heater hire for events that you can absolutely depend on, get in touch with Thermaright. Once we know your requirements, we can set about making the necessary arrangements. Contact our team today on 0800 368 8464.

Emergency Equipment Failure – we can deliver a bespoke temporary package and connect it quickly to keep your business operating, whilst your existing kit is being repaired and fully tested.

Supplementing Existing Equipment – we can add cooling and heating capacity to your existing system and help optimise production, reduce bottlenecks, N+1 provision or help maintain additional seasonal demand.

Seasonal Demand – with our ever changing climate globally it can be hard to anticipate exactly what you need at a given time. Our flexible temperature control packages are able to support your business 24/7/365

Planned Shutdowns & Outages – a pre-planned approach to delivery of suitable equipment can be managed to help mirror your needs during site maintenance.

New Projects. New Lines – a bespoke package can be delivered to fully meet the needs of your planned R&D, NPD testing and localised process requirements.

No Capital Budget – pay for a short-term hire to keep your business fully operating as well as supporting longer term packages to suit your business.

Fast Reliable Delivery – a fully-tracked and timed service 24 hours a day to suit your individual site requirements. Including flatbed, HIAB and crane-assisted delivery choices.

Installation – from the simplest units to the most complex multi product solutions, our engineering expertise will make sure service is delivered to the highest standard fully accredited to NICEIC, F-Gas & Gas Safe standards

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