Packaged Plant Rooms


Off-site containerised
plant solution.

From initial enquiry to completion on site, Thermaright designs and constructs each containerised plant room individually to meet the varying needs of your project.

As thought leaders in our industry we are constantly innovating. With our plant room solutions you get access to our internal R&D efforts to be constructed into your solution to make it more cost and energy efficient than anything out there on the market.

We build solutions.

• Mobile boiler units for hire or lease
• Hot water generation
• Chilled water pump rooms
• Air handling & refrigeration equipment
• Tank rooms incorporating booster sets
• Switchgear & transformer rooms
• Sprinkler system booster sets & fire zone valves
• Stand-by generators
• Gas pressure reducing stations
• Combined heat & power systems
• Fully acoustic & standard non-acoustic containers

• Architecturally designed containers to blend in
with all forms of construction
• Standard ISO containers for site plant
• Skid mounted units
• Skid mounted plate heat exchangers, non-storage
calorifiers & pump sets
• Water filtration
• Diesel pump units
• Smoke extract
• Biomass plant rooms

Some of the companies we have proudly worked with.

Benefits of our

Fully Bespoke

Save time by having the solution fit you, rather than change to fit the solution

Cost Effective

Save on cost, to have cash to spend elsewhere.


Under 8 weeks turnaround available, so you can get on with the other necessities.

Laser-Focused Delivery

Get a truly bespoke and functional solution, as we segregate our top engineers’ time to work purely on your project.

Expansive Portfolio

Work with an agile team of people who have delivered critical solutions to major players.

Internal Green R&D

Save on cash by getting access to the benefits of our internal research efforts to help your solution be greener and more efficient.

Developed entirely off-site

Minimise on-site time and hassle by us designing your solution entirely off-site.

Save on transport costs

Have your solution constructed and delivered by your closest Thermaright warehouse to save on time and delivery costs.

24/7 same-day support

Get access to our nationwide network of engineers for next hour support.

Instant Quote

You need a temperature control package, you need it to be right and you need it right now…We are here to help.

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