Domestic and Commercial Heater Hire Services Liverpool

Whether you are one of Liverpool’s numerous outdoor event planners or you are a business or homeowner in need of heater hire, Thermaright has the heating unit you need. We specialise in providing temporary heaters for home and work, as well as emergency heater delivery and installation throughout the Merseyside. Our domestic and commercial heater hire services in Liverpool are second to none and will help you transcend any heat-related issues you may be having.

A Heater for Every Need

With some heater hire companies, you get what you get. With Thermaright you get exactly what you need when you need it for less than you imagine.

Electric heaters from 3 kW to 40 kW – Electric heaters produce heat quickly and are commonly used for a variety of domestic and commercial applications. All you need do is plug them and in short order your home, shop or office will return to a comfortable state. They may not be applicable to domestic use if there are young children or elderly individuals present.

Direct fired diesel heaters from 10 kW to 111 kW – Diesel-powered heaters are extremely effective but should only be used in large areas with plenty of ventilation. If the heating system in your factory has been taken offline for repair or replacement, or you need to bring heat to a construction site, a direct-fired diesel heater is the way to go.

Indirect fired diesel heaters from 20 kW to 225 kW – Indirect heaters produce dry warm air that is free of noxious fumes. These are highly efficient units best deployed in large open spaces such as loading docks or large marquees erected for weddings, award ceremonies, company dinners and other events. They are not typically recommended for interior domestic use.

Propane and butane gas heaters from 2.9 kW to 103 kW – Use butane or propane heaters for offices, factories, warehouses, automotive garages, and other enclosed spaces. Air is heated by a flame and circulated by way of a fan. Some of the smaller units heat a ceramic plate and the warmth emanating from the plate is pushed into the room by the internal fan.

Why Use Our Domestic and Commercial Heater Hire Services in Liverpool?

Fast delivery and installation – With Thermaright there is no endless wait in the cold for your heater to arrive. We’re on call 24 hours a day and our highly trained engineers get to you quickly no matter where you are in Liverpool.

Safety and security – There are always questions about safety when it comes to portable heaters. But when you hire a heater from Theramaright you can rest easy knowing it will be installed by one of our expert engineers using industry best practices.

No large capital outlays – Heater hire by Thermaright is not going to break anyone’s bank. You pay one low weekly rate with no outrageous upfront cash demands and no hidden charges. It’s the heat you need at a price you can afford.

Reliable fuel deliveries – If you hire a butane, diesel or propane heating unit you will not have to worry about running out of fuel on the coldest night of the year when you need heat the most. We work closely with our customers to arrange timely fuel deliveries.

We handle the maintenance – All of our units are new or close to new and all are inspected and serviced by our engineers after every use. Nonetheless, if by some chance your heater should fail to perform properly we’ll replace it quickly.


Rely on Our Expertise

In many situations, customers are confused which type of heater is ideal for them. If you find yourself in a similar situation, be assured that our highly experienced professionals will quickly and accurately assess your needs and recommend the right heater or heaters.

We may send one of our professionals to your area to do a site survey if necessary to ensure that the unit you rent is the right one for the job. It’s all part of what sets us apart from the competition when it comes to home and commercial heater rental in Manchester.

Get the Heater You Need

To arrange for heater hire at any time of the day or night, contact Thermaright 24/7 on 0800 368 8464.


Emergency Equipment Failure – we can deliver a bespoke temporary package and connect it quickly to keep your business operating, whilst your existing kit is being repaired and fully tested.

Supplementing Existing Equipment – we can add cooling and heating capacity to your existing system and help optimise production, reduce bottlenecks, N+1 provision or help maintain additional seasonal demand.

Seasonal Demand – with our ever changing climate globally it can be hard to anticipate exactly what you need at a given time. Our flexible temperature control packages are able to support your business 24/7/365

Planned Shutdowns & Outages – a pre-planned approach to delivery of suitable equipment can be managed to help mirror your needs during site maintenance.

New Projects. New Lines – a bespoke package can be delivered to fully meet the needs of your planned R&D, NPD testing and localised process requirements.

No Capital Budget – pay for a short-term hire to keep your business fully operating as well as supporting longer term packages to suit your business.

Fast Reliable Delivery – a fully-tracked and timed service 24 hours a day to suit your individual site requirements. Including flatbed, HIAB and crane-assisted delivery choices.

Installation – from the simplest units to the most complex multi product solutions, our engineering expertise will make sure service is delivered to the highest standard fully accredited to NICEIC, F-Gas & Gas Safe standards

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