Heater Hire Coventry

Whether your boiler has failed, you need to heat a worksite, or you need to make sure the guests at your outdoor fashion show stay warm, Thermaright are the ones to call. We provide timely, affordable heater hire in Coventry that helps home and business owners fill the gaps in their heating profile.

Regardless of the size or complexity of your home, business or event we can devise a heating plan that will suit your needs. We feature an impressive array of gas and electric heating units and send our highly qualified HVAC engineers to ensure they’re always properly installed.

Why You Should Choose Thermaright

It wasn’t that long ago that heater hire was a niche business serving only a small number of commercial customers. At Thermaright we set out to change that and were among the first to make this important service widely available. Today, both residential and commercial customers trust us to provide the heat they need when they need it. Here are 6 reasons you should choose Thermaright too:

1: 24-hour emergency service – With Thermaright you’re never more than a phone call away from the heater you need. Day, nights, weekends and holidays we’re here for you.

2: Fast response – Whether you call us at 2 p.m. or 2 a.m. our expert heating engineers get to you fast no matter where you are in Coventry.

3: Safety – Those expert engineers from Thermaright who show up with your heater will make sure it is installed to the highest industry standards.

4: Choice – The heating needs of event planners will be different from those of construction companies and homeowners. Not to worry. We’ve got electric and gas heaters to serve everyone’s needs.

5: Affordability – We work hard to keep our costs down so we can pass the savings on to you. Like most of our customers, you’re likely to be pleasantly surprised by how affordable our services are.

6: Scalability – It’s not unusual for someone’s heating needs to change after we install their heater. But that’s fine. Just tell us what you need and we’re on it.

Heater Hire Coventry for Home and Business

We stock a full complement of electric and gas-powered heaters for every eventuality, including:

Electric heatersElectric heaters provide safe, effective heat in homes and businesses. They feature plug and play setup and are extremely portable.

Direct fired diesel heatersA direct-fired diesel heater is not a domestic appliance. This is suited instead for large enclosed spaces such as warehouses and certain construction sites.

Indirect fired diesel heatersIndirect fired diesel heaters will appeal to event planners who need reliable, fume-free heat for large occasions.

Propane and butane gas heatersShould you need to augment the heat in your office or indoor swimming pool area propane and butane gas heaters are a good option.


Rely on Our Expertise

Customers are occasionally puzzled about which sort of heater is most suited to their requirements. If you find yourself in a similar position, be assured that our highly trained specialists will analyse your needs promptly and thoroughly before recommending the best heater or heaters for you.

If necessary, we may send one of our specialists to your location to conduct a site survey to ensure that the unit you rent is suitable for the job. When it comes to home and commercial heater rental in Coventry, it’s all part of what sets us different from the competition.

Thermaright: The Smart Choice

When the people of Coventry need dependable, high-quality heaters professionally installed they call Thermaright. We were pioneers in the heater hire business and we’re the smart choice to serve your needs today. Call 0800 368 8464.


Emergency Equipment Failure – we can deliver a bespoke temporary package and connect it quickly to keep your business operating, whilst your existing kit is being repaired and fully tested.

Supplementing Existing Equipment – we can add cooling and heating capacity to your existing system and help optimise production, reduce bottlenecks, N+1 provision or help maintain additional seasonal demand.

Seasonal Demand – with our ever changing climate globally it can be hard to anticipate exactly what you need at a given time. Our flexible temperature control packages are able to support your business 24/7/365

Planned Shutdowns & Outages – a pre-planned approach to delivery of suitable equipment can be managed to help mirror your needs during site maintenance.

New Projects. New Lines – a bespoke package can be delivered to fully meet the needs of your planned R&D, NPD testing and localised process requirements.

No Capital Budget – pay for a short-term hire to keep your business fully operating as well as supporting longer term packages to suit your business.

Fast Reliable Delivery – a fully-tracked and timed service 24 hours a day to suit your individual site requirements. Including flatbed, HIAB and crane-assisted delivery choices.

Installation – from the simplest units to the most complex multi product solutions, our engineering expertise will make sure service is delivered to the highest standard fully accredited to NICEIC, F-Gas & Gas Safe standards

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