Domestic and Commercial Heater Hire Services West Midlands

Thermaright provides state-of-the-art heaters to accommodate every need. Our domestic and commercial heater hire services in West Midlands enable businesses and homeowners to augment their current heating system, continue operating when heaters are being repaired or replaced, proceed with cold-weather construction and keep guests warm and comfortable during outdoor events. Whatever your heat-related need Thermaright is here to help.

Why Our Domestic and Commercial Heater Hire Services in West Midlands Make So Much Sense

Our heater hire in the West Midlands is the common-sense response to heating emergencies, heating shortfalls, and gaps in heat delivery caused by system maintenance or repairs. Here’s why…

We never close – Our heating engineers are here to help 24 hours a day 7 days a week. They get to you fast no matter where you are in the West Midlands and install your heater without delay. You’ll be toasty warm again in no time.

High standard installations – People are sometimes nervous about safety when it comes to temporary heaters. That’s understandable. So we make safety priority #1. Our highly trained field engineers adhere to industry best practices and the highest safety standards when installing your heater.

Affordability – We provide our important service at an affordable price that may surprise you. There are no outrageous upfront payments and no hidden charges. Instead, you pay one simple weekly fee and that’s it. If you’re on a tight budget you’ll find our service a perfect match.

Reliability – Gas units need to be kept fueled lest they shut down when you need them most. When necessary we work with our clients to arrange for timely fuel deliveries that keep the heat coming for as long as you need it.

Scalability – It sometimes happens that heating requirements change after the heater or heaters have been installed. With Thermaright that’s no problem. We can adjust your service at any time to accommodate changing circumstances.

The Heating Solution You Need

Whether you are an event planner, factory owner or homeowner we have the heater you need.

Electric heaters – Electric heaters are some of our most versatile and can be used for myriad domestic and commercial applications. Warm your retail shop, office, conference room, kitchen or home entertainment centre quickly and effectively.

Infrared oil heaters – Contractors who need to dry painted walls on chilly days or factory owners needing to protect sensitive machinery from extreme cold will want to try our infrared oil heaters. This type of heater is quite energy efficient and uses ceramic plates to store heat.

Direct fired diesel heaters – Direct fired diesel heaters are an ideal choice for large well-ventilated areas. If you need to warm products in your warehouse during a cold snap, augment the heating in your factory, or keep an enormous marquee comfortable on a December night, try a direct-fired diesel heater.

Indirect fired diesel heaters – The heat from indirect diesel heaters is clean and dry and fume-free. Event planners will love this type of unit as it provides copious heat for large enclosed areas, and that heat can be ducted in if so desired.

Butane and propane gas heaters – Butane and propane gas heaters are a great choice for warehouses, factories, offices or other enclosed spaces. If your heating system has failed and you’re facing the possibility of closure, call Thermaright for one of our butane or propane heaters.


Rely on Our Expertise

Customers are frequently perplexed as to which sort of heater is best for them. If you find yourself in a similar position, be assured that our highly trained specialists will analyse your requirements promptly and correctly before recommending the appropriate heater or heaters.

If required, we may send one of our experts to your location to do a site study to guarantee that the unit you hire is the correct one for the task. When it comes to home and commercial heater rental in West Midlands, it’s all part of what sets us different from the competition.

There’s No Need to Freeze

Thermaright domestic and commercial heater hire services in West Midlands provide the heat you need when you need it, and for less than you think. And don’t forget that for heating emergencies we are here 24/7/365. Just call 0800 368 8464 or contact us.


Emergency Equipment Failure – we can deliver a bespoke temporary package and connect it quickly to keep your business operating, whilst your existing kit is being repaired and fully tested.

Supplementing Existing Equipment – we can add cooling and heating capacity to your existing system and help optimise production, reduce bottlenecks, N+1 provision or help maintain additional seasonal demand.

Seasonal Demand – with our ever changing climate globally it can be hard to anticipate exactly what you need at a given time. Our flexible temperature control packages are able to support your business 24/7/365

Planned Shutdowns & Outages – a pre-planned approach to delivery of suitable equipment can be managed to help mirror your needs during site maintenance.

New Projects. New Lines – a bespoke package can be delivered to fully meet the needs of your planned R&D, NPD testing and localised process requirements.

No Capital Budget – pay for a short-term hire to keep your business fully operating as well as supporting longer term packages to suit your business.

Fast Reliable Delivery – a fully-tracked and timed service 24 hours a day to suit your individual site requirements. Including flatbed, HIAB and crane-assisted delivery choices.

Installation – from the simplest units to the most complex multi product solutions, our engineering expertise will make sure service is delivered to the highest standard fully accredited to NICEIC, F-Gas & Gas Safe standards

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