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Heater-Hire-Tips-for -Outdoor -Workspaces

Architects and interior designers have been trying to bring the outdoors inside for decades with trees in office lobbies and the use of traditionally outdoor materials like unfinished wood and brick. But in recent years many businesses have decided it’s just easier to work outside. And while there is plenty of evidence that working outside can be good for productivity, staying warm in an outdoor workspace can be a challenge. Below we provide some heater hire tips for outdoor workspaces that should help.

Things to Look for in Heaters for Outdoor Workspaces

If you need to rent a heater for your outdoor workspace here are some things you’ll need to consider to ensure you get the right one.

  • The fuel source: Heaters powered by propane gas are a popular choice for keeping outdoor workspaces warm. They’re easy to use, dependable, affordable and heat up quickly.
  • Design: Aesthetics are not a primary concern when it comes to heaters for outdoor workspaces. The only considerations are whether the heater in question fits into the workspace without getting in the way, and whether it can be moved easily should circumstances require.
  • The weather in your area: Wind can be a challenge when it comes to the effectiveness of outdoor heaters. If it’s windy in your area you’ll want a heater that projects heat effectively. Propane and oil-fired heaters tend to perform better than electric heaters in breezy conditions.
  • The type of workspace: Are you moving your office outdoors, or is your outdoor workspace a construction site? It makes a difference when it comes to heater hire. Construction sites typically need larger, more robust heaters that will not only keep workers warm but aid in the drying of concrete and other processes.

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The pros at Thermaright Hire Solutions have the heaters you need to keep your outdoor workspace comfortable and productive. Whether you’re pouring concrete on a high-rise in the middle of winter or you’re having your weekly sales meeting in the courtyard, we have the heater you need at a price that’s budget-friendly. To learn more contact Thermaright on 0800 368 8464.