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Temporary office space takes many forms, from trailers set up on a construction site where project managers work to tents where medical personnel conduct testing and diagnosis. Temporary office spaces are a versatile, convenient and cost-effective way to fulfil a short-term need. However, providing adequate power to temporary offices – especially outdoor temporary offices – can present a significant challenge.

Thermaright Generator Rentals for Temporary Offices

Getting adequate, reliable power to your temporary office can be a challenge under the best of circumstances. You need to know the generator rental company you work with has the right equipment to fulfil your needs, that they’ll back it up with outstanding customer service and that the cost won’t bust your budget.

When you choose Thermaright to provide the generator to power your temporary office you’ll benefit from our:

Straightforward rental process

We’ve been at this a long time and over the years we’ve been able to identify and purge every vestige of waste and redundancy from our generator rental process. When you work with us you’ll find the entire process to be simple, straightforward and transparent.


In challenging economic times reigning in costs is a business imperative. The efficiency of our generator rental process enables us to keep our costs down and pass the savings on to you. It’s all part of our commitment to 100% customer satisfaction.

Vast selection

We have one of the most extensive selections of portable, for-hire generators you’ll find anywhere. Whatever your need we have a generator that’s appropriate for the job.

Responsive customer service

Our experts monitor the performance of your generator to ensure it is always providing optimal performance. In the extremely unlikely event there is an issue with one of our generators our customer service reps spring into action and resolve the problem in short order.

The Right Generator for Your Temporary Office

If you are establishing a temporary office and need to ensure a stable supply of power get in touch with Thermaright. We’ll determine exactly what you need and provide it at a cost that won’t bust your budget. Call today on 0800 368 8464.