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Reasons Why-Renting-a-Generator-is-Better

Without a backup generator a power outage can result in huge losses. The question then becomes would you be better off buying a backup generator or renting one? In this guide, we’ll provide 5 reasons why renting a generator is better than buying one.

Why You Should Rent Your Backup Generator

Before you buy a backup generator take a few minutes and consider the following 5 reasons why renting one is a better idea.

Reason 1: You don’t need to handle maintenance

If you own the generator you will need to arrange and pay for servicing. However, when you rent a generator from Thermaright our expert technicians are the ones who handle maintenance and servicing of the generator.

Reason 2: Cost savings

Most companies only occasionally need a backup generator. Sometimes they never do. If they shell out a lot of money on a backup and then never or rarely use it, company accountants are going to lose sleep at night. Renting a backup only when you actually need one will typically save you a lot of money.

Reason 3: The ability to respond to special circumstances

Manufacturers often keep backup generators on-hand to respond to special orders. But sitting on a backup generator for months or years does not make sense. What does make sense is keeping our number at hand so that you can rent the backup generator you need at a moment’s notice.

Reason 4: They come with a full warranty

The state-of-the-art backup generators we offer are fully warranted so you will not have to pay extra for this feature. In addition, a rental generator typically comes with renter’s insurance which protects your operation in the unlikely event of a malfunction or failure.

Reason 5: They allow you to retain flexibility

Oftentimes it is not smart to lock yourself into a particular path because circumstances can change quickly and the generator you thought was adequate when you bought it is now inadequate. Renting a generator only when you need it ensures you always have the right generator for the job at hand.

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