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During the cold weather months (which, let’s face it, constitute most of the year in the UK), conditions on construction sites can be close to unbearable. And yet, constantly shutting down to accommodate the weather simply isn’t an option. So what can be done to ensure worker comfort while they toil away building the UK’s roads, bridges and buildings? Enter Thermaright.

Bringing Warmth Where It’s Needed

Thermaright offer a full line of portable heaters that serve a variety of circumstances and transform cold, clammy jobsites into comfortable environments where work can carry on unimpeded by environmental challenges. Those include Electric Fired Heaters, Oil Fired Heaters, Direct Fired Heaters and Indirect Fired Heaters. Our heater rental service enables construction companies to complete their projects on time and our competitive prices are designed to take into account all-important cost considerations.

4 Reasons Why Heater Rentals Make So Much Sense

Construction sites need supplemental heat to ensure work proceeds without a hitch and to ensure the integrity of materials and processes. So why not simply purchase a bunch of heaters and keep them on hand? Why rent heaters? Here’s why:

1: With rental heaters, there are no maintenance issues or expenses

With rental heaters from Thermaright, we take on all maintenance responsibilities and associated costs.

2: You have a wide variety of rental heaters to choose from

If you have one or two heaters of your own you’re going to encounter circumstances where they just do not get the job done. With rental heaters, you can always find one that is perfect for the circumstances.

3: Convenience

With rental heaters from Thermaright, you don’t have to think twice about a heater until circumstances demand it. There are no storage issues and we set your heater up for you upon delivery.

4: Cost-effectiveness

Effective portable heaters are not cheap. Rental heaters allow you to fulfil your needs without having to fork over significant amounts of money.

Contact Thermaright

If you’re looking for a smart, cost-effective way to keep your construction site open and productive when the temperature drops, get in touch with Thermaright and ask about our construction site heater rentals.