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Seminars, conferences and other business events present numerous challenges to organisers. One of the biggest is making sure the environment is comfortable for everyone, including those who have to work the event. If your event takes place between the beginning of June and the end of September heat can be a major issue. To ensure worker comfort and enable your event to come off without a hitch renting air conditioners is a must. Fortunately, Thermaright have an array of air conditioners for rent to suit every need and budget.

The Advantages and Benefits of Renting Air Conditioners for Events

The following are just some of the benefits of renting air conditioners for your events:

Cost-effectiveness: With rented air conditioners there’s no need to run the building-wide air conditioning system. Instead, the rented air conditioners can be deployed in a targeted and cost-effective manner to address only the specific needs of the event.

Flexibility: The mobile nature of rented air conditioners means you can move them around to serve specific needs. If the action at your event moves from one space to another the air conditioners can easily follow ensuring everyone is comfortable the entire time.

Simple installation: When you rent portable air conditioners from Thermaright our expert technicians install them for you quickly and dependably. If you need the aircon units for an extended period of time we perform expert maintenance to ensure they’re always at their best.

Creating a healthy environment: Your rented air conditioners will help maintain a stable environment for the duration of your event. And a comfortable, stable environment ensures everyone makes it through to the end in good shape.

Dependable backup solution: Having large numbers of people in a confined space may be too much for your current, central air conditioning system to handle. In such cases, it’s always smart to have reliable backup air conditioners to either augment your system or to step in if your HVAC system fails.

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To learn more about the advantage of renting air conditioners for events or to secure air conditioners for your next event, get in touch with Thermaright by calling 0800 368 8464.