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At Thermaright we are dedicated to helping our customers meet all their power requirements. From hand-held generators to industrial-sized units and everything in between our selection is vast, our prices are competitive and our generators are meticulously maintained and ready to go at a moment’s notice.

We helped pioneer the generator rental business in the UK and have a comprehensive understanding of what small businesses need to keep them up and running when the power is down and out. When you choose Thermaright to supply a generator or generators for your business you’re choosing experience, quality, reliability and cost-effectiveness.

Why Small Businesses Need Reliable Generator Hire

Small businesses rely on Thermaright generator hire service for a number of reasons, including:

• Power outages: Even if your business is closed for the night or weekend you may still need to rent a generator in the event the power goes out to ensure you don’t lose products to spoilage.
• Generator repairs: Nothing lasts forever, including generators. If your main generator requires repair or maintenance you will need something to tide you over. That’s where we come in.
• Imminent threats: If the forecast calls for an extreme wind, rain or ice event you may need to have a backup generator on hand in case the power goes out. Better safe than sorry.
• Outdoor events: A portable generator from Thermaright is the ideal solution to the vexing issue of how to provide adequate power for a planned outdoor event.

The Right Generator at the Right Price

From 1.6kVA suitcase generators that can be used to power small on-site tools to 1250kVA generators that will enable you to keep your entire business up and running when the power lines go down, Thermaright have the generator you need at a price you can afford.

Get in Touch With Thermaright

Thermaright provide generator hire for small businesses that allow them to navigate whatever obstacles to smooth operation nature and circumstance place in their way. To learn more about our generator rental service or to order an emergency generator 24 hours a day 365 days a year call us on 0800 368 8464.