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Cherry pickers can speed up a project by a significant degree while simultaneously making it easier to reach out of the way places. But cherry pickers come with some inherent risks. In this guide, the team at Thermaright Hire Solutions provide a half dozen tips for operating cherry pickers safely.

6 Tips for Operating Cherry Pickers Safely

The year 2024 marks 80 years since the cherry picker was invented by a gentleman named Jay Eitel who was – surprise – looking for an easier way to pick cherries on a commercial scale. In honour of the 80th anniversary of Mr. Eitel’s invention, we provide 6 tips for operating cherry pickers safely.

#1: Get properly trained

There is no place for learning on the job with cherry pickers. You should take and pass an accredited training course before you ever set foot in a cherry picker basket.

#2: Inspect the equipment before every use

Just as an airline pilot goes through pre-flight checks, so too a cherry picker operator needs to conduct a series of pre-operational checks to ensure the device is in proper working order.

#3: Always establish a stable surface to set up on

Many cherry picker accidents are the result of an operator selecting a questionable surface to set up on. Any instability at ground level will be magnified as the arm is extended, so always pick a rock-solid surface.

#4: Wear appropriate PPE

PPE for cherry picker operators typically includes a hard hat, safety glasses and a safety harness. Commencing the operation of a cherry picker without these essentials is asking for trouble.

#5: Stay within operational limits

Every cherry picker has well-established operational limits that should never be breached. Familiarize yourself with these limits before operating the equipment for the first time.

#6: Be mindful of your surroundings

Cherry pickers are complex machines with multiple moving parts. They present myriad safety threats to both operators and passersby. Always be mindful of your surroundings when operating a cherry picker.

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