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For more than 30 years we have been supplying access solutions to clients in a variety of industries. One thing that is always at the forefront of our minds is client safety and the safety of those who pass through or near job sites. Scaffolding presents numerous potential hazards both from the equipment itself and because of the nature of scaffold work. In this post, the team at Thermaright Hire Solutions take a close look at scaffolding safety and best practices.

Scaffolding Safety and Best Practices: 6 Useful Tips

If you work with scaffolding we would urge you to take the following safety tips and best practices to heart.

#1: Inspect regularly

Regular inspections are important not only for the company providing the scaffolding but for the one using it as well. Before you start your day inspect the scaffolding and address any issues.

#2: Do not overload

Every type of scaffolding has weight limits. You need to be aware of those limits before you start using the scaffold and then make sure you never exceed the load capacity.

#3: Practice secure assembly and dismantling

Scaffolding must always be assembled in a methodical manner that adheres to manufacturer guidelines. There should always be at least one experienced scaffold professional on hand during assembly and dismantling.

#4: Establish fall protection

Falls represent a significant percentage of scaffolding accidents. For that reason, you must make sure to have a robust fall protection system in place. The higher the scaffolding the more important effective fall protection becomes.

#5: Be mindful of weather conditions

Most scaffolding is erected out of doors, and for that reason, you need to be ever-mindful of weather conditions. Strong winds present a significant safety threat, while rain and snow make surfaces slippery and dangerous.

#6: Maintain communication

It is essential that everyone working on and around scaffolding is aware of where everyone else is and what they are doing. A lack of communication can and often does lead to devastating accidents.

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