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Mobile Air Conditioning Systems – Convenient Refrigeration Systems

Some basics about cooling technology for a better understanding:

Unlike air coolers, all air conditioners of our PAC series cool the room air with the help of a powerful compression refrigeration system. A refrigerant is led through two heat exchangers – a condenser and an evaporator. By means of a compressor and an expansion valve, the refrigerant is exposed to changing pressures within this closed circuit, which results in the gas heating up during compression and cooling down during decompression. The heat is discharged to the outside at the condenser, and the cold is blown into the room at the evaporator.

Dehumidification at the same time

Since the air can cool down to below its dew point at the evaporator, humidity contained in the air condenses simultaneously. This means that the air is not only cooled but also dehumidified, which generally promotes personal well-being and creates a more pleasant room climate, since stuffy humid air is generally perceived as oppressive and disagreeable.

Depending on the construction, these refrigeration systems are available from Trotec as split or monobloc air conditioners, the latter with either one-hose or two-hose technology.


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