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Important information on the cooling of entire flats

As their name suggests, room air conditioners are designed for the air conditioning of one room – not several. Even in case of a larger room of say 70 m² – the cooling capacity calculated for this room cannot simply be used for a flat of the same size that is divided into several rooms. The air conditioner’s capacity may be suitable for this room size, but the desired cooling effect can only be achieved on the condition of unrestricted air circulation within the room – or in all rooms in case of a flat.


Though the air conditioners of the PAC series are already fitted with powerful radial fans (the design of which promotes an extensive air transport), a homogenous air distribution across several rooms using only one air conditioner is still a physical impossibility.

Our recommendation: Provided the cooling capacity of the air conditioner is dimensioned for the total area of two adjoining rooms and using an additional well-suited fan, the air current can be directed in a way to distribute the cold air in the adjoining room as well.

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