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There’s nothing like holding an event outdoors during the summer. But the warm weather, while welcomed by the vast majority of people, is not always a friend of the event planner. That’s because they have to ensure the comfort of guests no matter how high the mercury climbs. Even some indoor events will strain the ability of the air conditioning system to keep up. That’s where we come in. Thermaright offer chillers for rent that will ensure your guests don’t end up a sweaty, unhappy bunch.

The Benefits of Renting Chillers for Events

One of the biggest challenges posed by events held during the summer is dealing with the heat. Rental chillers from Thermaright provide a simple and cost-effective way to face this challenge. The benefits of renting chillers for events are numerous and include:

  • Happy guests: Your setting may be breathtaking and the food impeccable, but if your guests are suffering in sweltering conditions that’s all they’ll remember. Rental chillers ensure the comfort of your guests so that they end up remembering the setting and the amazing menu.
  • Scalable solutions: Rental chillers are available in many sizes so there is always one that is perfect for your event. If you are holding a multi-day event and the number of people is expected to fluctuate from day to day your rental chillers can reflect the need for more or less cooling.
  • Instant relief: Let’s say everything was hunky dory at the start of your event but as the day wore on it became obvious the AC system wasn’t up to the task. Not to worry! Simply call Thermaright and we’ll send someone over with a supplemental rental chiller or two to restore order.
  • Cost-effectiveness: With rental chillers, you only pay for the time when you really need help with cooling. It’s a much more cost-effective way of going about things than buying portable chillers and letting them collect dust in your storeroom perhaps for years before they’re finally needed.

Contact Thermaright

Rental chillers are the common sense way to save money while ensuring the comfort of your guests. To learn more contact Thermaright today on 0800 368 8464.