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For many businesses – construction companies in particular – winter weather produces a slew of unique challenges with snow, ice and bone-chilling cold posing a threat to expensive equipment as well as the health and wellbeing of workers. Cold weather also tends to take a toll on productivity. The generally-agreed solution to cold weather woes is the portable heater. But that raises the question: should you buy or rent your heating solutions?


Why Renting Heaters Makes Sense for Businesses

For construction companies, the work must go on no matter the weather, but keeping a jobsite warm during the winter can be extremely challenging. The right portable heaters can go a long way toward alleviating the problems caused by cold weather, but should you own those heaters or rent them? Below we provide 5 reasons why renting heaters makes so much more sense than buying them.


1: Cost-effectiveness

Renting your heaters negates the need for making large capital investments upfront. The money saved can be invested in upgrading other key areas of the operation.


2: Flexibility

When you buy heaters you’re stuck with them, whether they turn out to be the right heater to deal with a given situation or not. This is a recipe for waste. Renting ensures you always have the right heater for the situation.


3: Save on maintenance

The cost of repairing and maintaining your heaters can be considerable. With rental heaters, you can opt to include maintenance and repairs in the rental agreement saving you lots of money over time.


4: Always have the latest equipment

As the years pass that expensive heater you bought becomes increasingly outdated. When you rent you can be sure you always get the newest, most effective, most efficiency heaters on the market.


5: Convenience

When you rent a heater delivery, setup, maintenance and removal are all handled for you. All you have to do is pick the right heater for the job and you’re free to move on to other things.


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When you look at it objectively renting heaters makes a lot of sense. To learn more, or to rent a heater for your jobsite, call Thermaright on 0800 368 8464.