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There are many reasons why you may need a temporary heating solution. Maybe you’re holding an event or perhaps your property is without heating for the short term. Whatever the reason, Thermaright can assist you. Over the past 30 years, we’ve built our company to become one of the leading providers of boiler hire in Wolverhampton and the rest of the country.

Boiler Hire in Wolverhampton – Thermaright Offers a Range of Solutions

Our range of different boilers for hire in Wolverhampton is designed to adapt to your particular needs, as no one heating solution is capable of fulfilling the requirements of every potential scenario. Once we know what you’re attempting to do, we can provide you with personalised recommendations to help ensure you have the most efficient type of heating for your property.

Below we’ll run through some of the most popular boilers in the range that we offer:

Thermaboil Electric Boilers

Our Thermaboil electric boilers are small enough to remain highly portable yet their output is high enough to be suitable for a range of different applications including events and temporary work areas. They install very quickly and easily, are a doddle to configure and can also be used to provide the site with a supply of hot water.

Thermaboil Micro Condensing Boilers

If you need a small heating solution, this is the option for you. Many of our clients are pleasantly surprised by the capacity it provides given its small stature. The biggest benefit to the Thermaboil Micro Condensing boilers is that they can be installed and set up in smaller spaces that render other options unviable.

Thermaboil Gas/Oil Boilers

If your situation is better suited to a gas or an oil boiler rather than electric, we still have you covered. This range of boilers is very efficient in terms of running costs (often beating electric on this score), and remains easy to transport, install and use. The performance of these boilers can be tracked and monitored remotely too, so you don’t need to actually be present to know it’s working. This is ideal for jobsites.


Thermaboil Dual Fuel Gas/Oil Boilers

Relying on a single fuel source can be a bit risky when you’re hiring heating for an event that can’t afford anything to go wrong, like a wedding reception or important birthday party. When so much is at stake, a Duel Fuel boiler is often the way to go. If one fuel source fails at any point, the other one can be used instead, meaning you always have heating.

If you need a company that has a vast amount of experience supplying temporary heating solutions for a range of different use cases across the Wolverhampton area, trust Thermaright. We are constantly reviewing the range of boilers that we offer for hire to ensure we’re providing our customers with the very best solutions.

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Numbers are important to us, just like with every business. But every time we work with a client, the focus is always to provide them with the best possible experience. If you’re on the hunt for boiler hire in Wolverhampton you can trust, your search just came to an end. To find out what our team can do for you, pick up the phone and dial 0800 368 8464.


Emergency Equipment Failure – we can deliver a bespoke temporary package and connect it quickly to keep your business operating, whilst your existing kit is being repaired and fully tested.

Supplementing Existing Equipment – we can add cooling and heating capacity to your existing system and help optimise production, reduce bottlenecks, N+1 provision or help maintain additional seasonal demand.

Seasonal Demand – with our ever changing climate globally it can be hard to anticipate exactly what you need at a given time. Our flexible temperature control packages are able to support your business 24/7/365

Planned Shutdowns & Outages – a pre-planned approach to delivery of suitable equipment can be managed to help mirror your needs during site maintenance.

New Projects. New Lines – a bespoke package can be delivered to fully meet the needs of your planned R&D, NPD testing and localised process requirements.

No Capital Budget – pay for a short-term hire to keep your business fully operating as well as supporting longer term packages to suit your business.

Fast Reliable Delivery – a fully-tracked and timed service 24 hours a day to suit your individual site requirements. Including flatbed, HIAB and crane-assisted delivery choices.

Installation – from the simplest units to the most complex multi product solutions, our engineering expertise will make sure service is delivered to the highest standard fully accredited to NICEIC, F-Gas & Gas Safe standards

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